Feel the words your heart silently cries as they come alive 
4-18-2014  I regret not being able to keep this site up to date
However so many things, including almost dying from a blood clot
did not help ...but I survived and am well now  , and older :-)
I do have literally 100s of musings I have done and would to put
up here....and I will give that a shot....but I definitely don't
have the time to make fancy pages as the ones up now
I can however just post them on simple backgrounds, after all it
is the message that counts. The words that come to me and MUST be
written as the heart, the soul the spirit demand it
Some of them I have also included me reading them when I sent them
out...if I can I will see if I can include some of that audio
           Any comments....plase write to me at
                - THANK YOU FOR VISITING    
    This site is much more than a small part of Last's book "Soul Cries"
   it is a small collection of  Lastmanout's  musings, stories, poetry and prose
  on life, love & finding the path to wake your soul & walk in the  light of love
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   "Soul Cries",  ISBN 0-615-11239-0 the first of the  Lastmanout series of books,
 is NOW available   Endorsed by John Gray, James Redfield, and Larry James
                                All of us walk together in the hidden ways of the heart, 
                          thoughts unspoken, words measured, and walls built.
                    Yet in all of us are the same desires, touching us, moving us,
           if only so we may know, as others speak to our hearts, we are not alone.


         It seems like only yesterday I felt this overwhelming urge to put on paper the 
               thoughts seemingly coming to me from deep within and yet, directed 
     from an outside source of immense power, peace and love. Driving me to express 
  thoughts, feelings, directions and the consequences of the choices we make in life. 


                              Words that brought tears to my own eyes as I wrote them. 
             Words that touched my own heart, bring to light feelings thought long gone. 
                       Reaching ever so softly into my own soul, driving me on saying 
                              " This is the message, these are the words, write them.
                               So others may feel the power of hope, the joy of caring,
                                  the wonderment of love, and in the end, find peace."


           An awakening soul is a very fragile thing, It hurts from past pains. It aches 
       while  mending  and it needs love to grow. To gently touch the soul of another
         can be a frightening thing  sometimes. To feel another's pain, to hold it close 
        to your heart,  to surround it with love can be an emotional bind helping us to 
       grow stronger knowing we are truly not alone.  To make peace with the past, to   
        have power to change the future, to feel passion, embrace life,  and reach for 
                                                    those long lost forgotten dreams.


   To that end this is a collection of the musings, thoughts, and dreams, I have been 
   given.  I know they have helped me to become more. To seek a path that has been  
   shown to me. A path to where the light shines, where there is no darkness, where 
   peace gently wraps  its mists around all, and where we finally find, all things are 
                                                                truly made of love.


                 These are not answers, but only thoughts to touch your heart, your soul. 
                         To open doors to new realities and make you think, just maybe,
                                            in a different light and open your soul.


   Here's the doorway, Welcome 


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