She watched the other angels soaring out over the heavens
              Joyous in their flight, powerful wings lofting on spiritual currents
           as they watched over their earthly charges with light and love 
     Guardian angels, each given someone to guide and protect
                     She tried not to be sad, for she was an angel, but a 2nd class angel
                   Her one wing was broken, and she could fly only in her dreams
                      She wept angel tears that fell with the sound of tiny beautiful bells 
                       Their melody so wondrous and beautiful and yet so very lost and sad
                         Why wasn't her wing healed, heaven was where all things are possible
                         What was her purpose? She had so much love and light to share yet
                             And on earth, the woman looked up into the night sky with sad eyes
                             She had tried so hard to make it work, to make everything all right
                                        Although there was love there, it was incomplete, distant, darkly demanding
                              Ever tugging at her being in ways she did not understand or want
                           Making her fell trapped in the middle of what was to be total true love
                                 Never to be what she was meant to be, the longing in her forever unsatisfied
                                    Walking through life, searching for herself, with her own special broken wing
                             Their eyes met. The angel on high and the earthly angel, and they knew
                           This was why they were both created, their very reason for their being
                           With a great shout of joy the other angels carried the little angel to earth
                      Two angels, one of the heavens, the other of earth, now one
                     The glow surrounding them both was like a brilliant sun
                     Grasping each other, two angels with one broken wing became whole
                      Soaring on high to the sound of mighty trumpets and gentle harps
                                   Finding themselves and each other, becoming as they could never be alone
                                 So it is with us, wondering what our purpose is and why we can't fly
                            For we are all but angels with one broken wing
                          And the only way we can fly is by embracing each other
                     Never let go of your dreams
                          I want to watch you........ fly         














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