It seemed so wonderful, to be young and know the feeling of love  
                 Of being wanted, held, attended to, knowing someone wanted only you 
      The feeling so easy to accept, so wanted, you stay just.........for a while                                                        
                         Time passed and imperceptibly slipped ever so slowly into apathy.
                            Not even noticing the lack of real passion in our busy lives
                  We only talked perfunctorily at each other as we passed each morning
                   But soon the children will be old enough to stand on their own a little
                     and to help out giving us time to get it back, it's only.........for a while


                   So many things I wanted to do, so many dreams lay in dust at my feet
  Who is this person I see now in the mirror, whose eyes look back with haunting sadness.             
                  Responsibilities, yes I have responsibilities, I have so many things to do.
                       But they seem to have no importance and it's just......for a while 
                    My mind grasps now blindly for my dreams, and holds only shadows.
                      What were they. What was I wanted to do so long ago, so far away
                   that my memory fails. I only wanted to find me. The who I am, not the
                 person that someone else wanted me to be, but it was only.......for a while
               Now there are no dreams, and not even a small memory of them survives
                for the pain would be too much to think about what I have thrown away.
                  I watch the grandchildren play and I see the wonder in their new eyes.
                I can feel the joy in their new hearts, and watch their minds majestically
                soar into the clouds with imagination, dreaming my precious lost dreams.
               And my heart screams, don't wait, don't wait, run, run with your dreams
                now while you still can ...........please don't wait.....................for a while



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