I watched them come into the room, mothers with their children
                                         Some of the children with a crooked smile
                                  Some with an arm held up and the wrist hanging
                                      Some dragging a leg behind them slightly
                                     Those whose eyes looked, but did not see
                        Those whose words would not come for they could not speak
                          I watched the heads of those who were here turn and look
                     They looked away, as if, if they did not see, they were not there
                                  And tears filled my eyes and my heart broke
                          Not for the children, but for those who would not see
                          For in each child , there was love, bright and shinning
                           Happiness at just being there, trust and wonderment
                           And each parent held a hand gently, with such great care
                                     Leading them to see all the wonderment of life
                            The wonderment the rest of the world takes for granted
                                 The sun rising in the morning was a joy to behold
                           Fascination watching the butterflies in all of their beauty
                              Hearing the quiet sounds of beauty all around them
                      Giving their parents new insights into the small wonders of life
                           Oh, the medical bills were hard, and the world indifferent
                  But these parents walked in such joy, for their child was truly special
                      And their hearts were filled with so much love you could feel it
                  Because these people had special hearts, warm, patient, and caring
                      They were chosen to watch over these who need so much care
                                  I watched the eyes of the children shine
                                 Saw the joy of love unfolding, and I knew
                      Although they were the ones called special need children
                                   We were the ones who needed them
                                                       And I cried

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