Looking for lost youth, the subject of plays, of movies, of dreams
                                      But youth is never lost, it is only slowly hidden by the subtleties of life
                                         We think the things that happen to us as we live destroy our youth
                                       But such is not so unless we leave our youth where it can be touched
                              Where is our youth. What happened to the wide eyed innocence of the child
                                      who saw everything without the heavy hand of life and fate covering it
                                                                                         Sit back.
                                                                                 Close your eyes
                Look into those recesses of your mind and heart you have kept so well hidden for years
                                                          oh yes....they are always there waiting.....
                                                               waiting for you to bring them back
                                                                     to savor them in their fullness
                  Your Mother holding you so gently with love as if you would break if she even breathed 
                                             Your first ice cream cone that was soooo cold and soooo good
                       The merry-go-round where the horses came alive and pranced just for you
                                                    Your first kiss, soft, gentle, with its mystery now solved
                                            .The moment your love told you, yes , you were loved in return
                    and how, at that single moment in time, you truly believed life could never get better
                                       How that friend, or stranger, looked at you with tears in their eyes
                                                        For the unselfish thing or act you did for them 
                               The wonder in the eyes of a child as you showed then the wonders of life
                                                             A walk in the warm soft rain holding hands
                                               The sharing of the dawn creeping slowly into your eyes
                                                                          The majesty of a sunset at dusk
                          All these things you tucked away in the recesses of your mind so you could relive
                        those moments forever in your heart, for they were the treasure of your life. As long
                        as these exist, the youth you think you lost is never gone. And in the moments you
                         least expect they look out through the eyes with the wonder of the child that saw
                                    and felt them and the eyes begin to glow and the heart slowly smiles
                           As long as we remember, as long as we can still reach out to another with that
                      unselfish hand of a child, wanting nothing but to help, to touch, youth is never gone
                            It can be seen in the eyes of others, shining mirthfully outward, sparkling with
                               mischief, with love. If I look, maybe, just maybe, now I can see it in yours to.

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