Valentines day, a time of romantic remembrances, soft thoughts of caring,
                                               a short interlude in lives hectic ways, pausing for love, was fast approaching.
                                               A time to renew old vows, a time to make new ones, a time of just a moment
                                               to stop and put aside selfish needs and celebrate the joy and majesty of love.
                                               Some find a time of great joy, for they have been blessed with shared love
                                               For others a time to wish for joy as they tell that secret person they are loved
                                               And for still others, just another meaningless obligation they go through.
                                               But most of all this is a time for heightened expectations, of silent wishes.
                                              Wanting to know, needing to know, the overwhelming feeling of being loved.
                                               I watched fascinated as people rushed to the stores for their treasures of love
                                               One walked through the stores hurriedly, pausing only briefly at displays
                                               Trying quickly to remember what she would like, what was it she did like.
                                               Did it even matter. He was well off, a fancy bauble would fulfill her needs.
                                               He quickly purchased a pair of fancy earrings thinking, that should cover it.
                                               He left the store while talking on the cell phone about business and golf.
                                               Another man walked slowly through the displays, smiling as he looked.
                                               He wanted so much to find just the right gift to show how much he cared.
                                               But, alas, nothing there he could afford was good enough he thought sadly
                                               He could not bring her just anything, it had to show how very much he loved her
                                               It was so hard for him, searching for a treasure on his poor mans pocketbook.
                                               Finally he realize it had gotten too late and he had still not found the right thing.
                                               Hoping she would understand he picked out the best roses he could find
                                              And with a heavy heart, thinking he had failed, he started slowly home.
                                              The first man arrived home to find his wife standing there with a gift for him
                                              She was smiling, hopeful, praying, this time, let me know he loves me yet
                                              For he had grown distant, aloof, taking her for granted, returning nothing real.
                                              He took out his valentine gift, "Here, this should make you happy" he smiled
                                              She looked at him standing there waiting, not in expectation to see her joy
                                               but waiting only to be thanked, to have his obligation over and down with.
                                              As the lighting stuck outside and the sound of thunder rolled over them
                                              her own realization flashed in lightning and a realization in thunder came.
                                              Vows made by two to each other cannot be held together by only one.
                                              The other man arrived home feeling forlorn, as if he had failed somehow
                                              She meant so much to him, had seen him through all the hard times,
                                              Held him when he was down and returned even more love than he ever dreamed.
                                              He walked in and saw her smiling eyes, happy he was home with her again
                                              Holding out the roses he watched her walk over, wishing if only he had more
                                             Tears ran softy and slowly down his cheek as she took the roses from him
                                             She looked into his eyes and saw all the love there, love beyond any words
                                              As her own eyes misted over, she told him, there could never be a better gift
                                             Not the roses, but the soft tears of love telling her he was hers alone, forever.
                                             Their tears of joy, of love, flowed silently together, as did their hearts.












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