With ME

                                      As I arise, you are with me
         Softly waking in my mind as the sleep drains from my eyes
            Your presence in silent tune with each beat of my heart
                         I smile as I feel you in each breath I take
                               The morning coffee warms my body
                              But your presence warms my soul
         How long had I been alone until you came softly to me
           Knowing all of me instantly, in the blink of an eye
                            Your spirit entering my very being
                 Seeing deep within, knowing all there was to know
                    Though not there, you are, as you walk with me
                                       You see through my eyes
                                        You feel with my heart
                      Guiding my every step on our path of light
            I feel a peace, a serenity, a sureness as never before 
                 As I sit quietly, I can feel you all around me
               Cuddling on my lap, your head under my chin 
        You slip silently into me, merging your heart into mine
                               Until our two souls are but one
              How long I have been lost, yearning for this moment
              To ever part, to feel empty again, is never a thought
                                    A fulfillment of total love,
              A giving all that is me, total, absolute, without doubt
             Sharing all that I am, that I can be, that I will be
        Each second, each minute, each day you stay is a treasure
                              And forever is not long enough
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