While my friend talked, the words strained, intertwined with innuendoes
                        unmeant to be voiced. I thought I could feel sadness, emptiness, and the
                        loss of dignity. These thoughts came to me as I felt the being within her
                                      crying out, desperately seeking just to be heard


                                               If you hold my hand
                                     Should you not hold my heart
                                            Walk closely beside me
                                          Do not let me walk alone
                                        For my steps are uncertain
                                            The path now obscured
                                             My eyes are on you
                                          But you don't look back
                            You walk without care, brash and loud
                                   While I care and walk in silence
                                     Once never far from your sight
                                        Now you do not even see me
                                         My heart remembers you
                                 But you don't even know who I am
                                   Our ships no longer run together
                                     And have passed in the night
                                        Now we are far from shore
                                     The water is dark and murky
                                                    And I fear
                                         I've forgotten how to swim

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