Where had it all gone, lost now lost and distant, only a shadow remained
                                  in memories, searching for those wonderful times, when love was new
                              When the moment of passion for each other ruled the very lives
                                  Consuming, with joyous fantasies of life to come, of loving forever
                              The impetuousness of youth has given way to the realities of life
                                   Dying passion can no longer fill the emptiness within the soul
                              The soul cries out in agony and frustration for its mate denied
                                    Needing desperately that hand, that heart to walk with it
                              To know, to really know, someone understands the loss within
                                  to fill the ever growing void with love, understanding and compassion
                              if only for a while, a moment out of time where the souls can touch
                                  and merge once again into one being, complete, fulfilled, at peace
                              For each these is a soulmate waiting for the special times of life
                                   where we may chance to loose our way and our steps falter
                              The need, the desire to grow within ones self can no longer be denied
                                    Your heart feels them waiting, almost with you, but not really there
                              Sent but to hold a hand, an heart, a dream, a soul gently in love
                                     Physically but for a fleeting timeless moment on lives stage
                              The energy of light, of love, of truth blends, binds, unites
                                    From that moment on, to truly know............without doubt
                              There is love, there is peace, there is understanding
                                    A life that has once again been given worth and purpose
                              Watch, lest the opportunity be lost, a signpost not seen, a path not taken
                                    The emptiness, the longing, shall then never end
                              Never be diminished and the great tragic sadness would be
                                    forever together...........................eternally apart

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