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Who Am I,  An interesting question. For most times we evaluate people by the job they do or the position they hold and yet this is not who we are, it is only what we do.

As we travel life's pathways, hopefully the who we are, shapes the things we choose to do. And the things we do cannot help but in some way begin to shape the who we are and who we are to become.

In that vein I have had a wide and varied journey. Some paths chosen for the right reason, while others chosen out of expediency, desire, skills acquired or sought, or simply by being in the right, or the wrong, place at the right or the wrong time.   

In no particular order, When I was young and idealistic and thought I might not only make a difference in the world but have some fun at the same time,  I  worked for "Mission Impossible" people as an invisible person, slaying the dragons threatening the world as we knew it. After a while you come to know, only the faces change, while the injustice goes on and the dragon grows two new heads for each one you cut off.

In making a living with my hands I  have been a machinist, completing a four year apprenticeship. Also have been a welder, an electrician.  Then went to college for engineering. Became a  plant engineer, design engineer, plant  manger, business consultant to companies from small to the largest in the country.  I have been a  pistolsmith. And an inventor, with patents covering many fields of interest.

I have been an investigator, and also a bounty hunter on and off for many years.

I maintained a self employed business for many years in the fields of security and special hazard CO2 fire protection for the major mills, power plants, and auto makers. 

Somewhere along the line, I always felt something was missing. As I got on line, I discovered a new gift. Either lying latent until enough life experience had been gained to appreciate and use it, or simply the gift given because I needed to go where it sent me.

My soul awakened to itself by words coming to me from love itself, calling me, saying, write this, feel this, be this. And as tears flowed from my own eyes the words appeared and the messages were sent.   How often replies came from faceless screen names, telling me, asking me, "How did you know, I needed that now" or "How do you know the words of my heart I cannot bear to say"  or a like message.

It is a gift that I truly treasure and try my best to respect it. To hold it gently and listen to the teaching it gives me. To know, without any doubt, the silent words I hear are inspired by a power, a love so great, I am humbled to be the vessel who gets to write  them down.

Fate it seems has also conspired to have me do this, be this new person.  After careful searching I do not think the fountain of  youth  for the physical body exists. The mind however stays forever young and as long as I can dream, then I  breathe  in music. My heart and soul dance in the light. Anyhow, being rich is not a matter of what many possessions one has, but it is measured by what we do not need.   So now I wake trusting in all things to make it work and reach out to others in love. 

As for other things, For now,  I live on two acres in the country, outside of Jackson, Michigan

I would dearly love to move south. I grew up in Pennsylvania, in a small town called Springdale, just outside of Pittsburgh.  I went to college in a small town in  northern Indiana, and have lived and/or worked in various states throughout the eastern US.

I especially enjoyed my time running a company in Alabama in times past, and would like to return to the south.   OK pay attention here ;-)     If anyone has a place in the country somewhere, they no longer need, or want, or if  there is someone nearing their time to go home with such a place but with no one to leave it to, or <smiling> no one they want to leave it to, well I know this writer who would be so dearly appreciative. Beside the warm and beautiful south, I am also enamored of the Sedona, AZ area. Either of which would be wonderful.  

( update) I have recently spent time in Ashland, OR, and absolutely love it there

I know, this seems to be a strange note to put here, but again, within the silent words I hear to write the musings, came the instructions to add this request. And who am I to question loves silent whispers blowing mysteriously on  the wind                                        

UPDATE---on a "miracle " trip through circumstances that could not happen but did happen, and it is a long and

interesting tale...I went to India with a substance ( MMS ) and was able to meet with the Guru of the Largest Sect

in Indian and give this to him.....it stops ...Maleria...so many many people were curred.

And along with this...all the .,..:guru's " there, and many of the strangers I met greeted me with great joy as a

Healer...a distance healer...able to help most anyone over any distance....SURPRISE ME......DUH

and they were right....what a wonderful gift beyond measure.  



If you need to contact me by other than E-mail, at Lastmanout@SoulCries.com or at Lastmanout@aol.com,  or you are welcome to write to me at 

                                       Special Services                                  
                                       661 North Concord Road 
                                       Albion,  Michigan   49224
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