No longer able to care for himself, relegated now into the hands of strangers
Watching the faces, the conditions of those whose life was now these walls
When I felt a powerful presence of immense peace radiating all about me
I walked slowly through the brightly lit halls of where they had taken him
Drawn, I went into a room where a young woman lay paralyzed in bed
The nurse smiled at me as she left saying, "She affects everyone that way"
Indian artifacts, decorations abounded for she was known as CricketHawk
I felt this need to hold her hand, to know why was this  power peace here.
                     Do not be sad because I cannot fly. Because you see, I do. 
                   Once I soared the heavens, danced on the winds, lofted, floated. 
                                            Now I am caged Yet my heart flies.
                     Fates have  arranged I would end my life behind these walls.
           Patiently waiting, accepting, at peace, because my soul cannot be caged.
                                           With the blink of an eye I spring upwards. 
                           Spiraling  ever heavenward on invisible wings. 
                        South where the fires come.  East where life begins.                
                 North where your life ends. West where knowledge comes.
  For many years I beat my wings  against my cage, raging at the powers that took
   my freedom and placed me under the control of another. Despair lit my path as
    I searched for a way to escape. But escape was not to be.  Retreat into quiet.
         A quiet  so deep the only sound I heard was the beating of my own heart. 
                     The pain was so great that I willed my heart to stop beating.
                                          And in the quiet, finally a voice.
                        The voice of the Spirit. The Spirit that cannot be contained.
                  Spirit that flows through and between and around all things. 
  And with eyes closed, the Spirit flowed through me Bringing with it the fragrance
     of grass,  the touch of the winds, the majesty of mountains  and dancing waters. 
     And I knew that this Spirit that was, and was in all things, was in myself as well. 
                       And I spread my wings in honor of the Great Mystery.
                                    Never bowing my head, but humbled
I walked away knowing.............
 I had been given the opportunity to share a great treasure
Given a knowledge confirming life's truth hidden deep within my own soul
We are never so broken as when we believe we are helpless, alone, forgotten
And yet even in those times we are never, never alone unless we choose to be
I stopped by a field of flowers on the way home to reflect, to enjoy their beauty
Then I knew, life for me had irrevocably changed, my eyes, my heart opened
I watched the cars race by, the drivers unnoticing of the beauty they passed
And as I wondered who was really free and who was trapped and helpless
I saw the flowers part as if......there were.....someone running through them
The gentle breeze wrapped softly around me with the scent of her perfume
As I felt once again the presence of total peace, and a soft kiss on my cheek
I knew the world, with its distractions, could never again intrude into my soul
For now, finally, I understood what real freedom was.......and in that peace
Came the knowledge..............never..............never again would I feel alone


         With grateful thanks to CricketHwk whose words are her own

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