The sun was hot, shinning down brightly as they walked to his grave. The loss was just beginning to hit everyone, awakening their senses to the loss of something, unidentifiable. An awareness of something, an intangible thing they had not even known they possessed. 
They had come as if beckoned mysteriously by forces unknown and they came as one. As if these strangers, from all walks of life, families and places belonged together. People he had never known were here for he had touched many of them softly in his walk without even knowing it They somehow knew why, and yet not, Understanding only the need to be here. 
To each he had been different and yet the same. Reaching out to find the missing parts. To glue the pieces back together. Sometimes with reason, sometimes with logic, sometimes with humor, sometimes with discord but always, always, with a gentle heart filled with love
While everyone else was stumbling along, trying to get ahead, he just stopped. Somewhere along life's regular path, he got off. He never looked back He went form comfortable and ambitious, to monetarily poor and yet peaceful What did he know? 
Somehow, never understanding him, but secretly, and even unknowingly, some were jealous of the peace with which he walked. When you passed him, he always had a smile. If you asked him where he was going he would say, here, or there. 
But if you asked him where he was headed, his eyes would become bright and shining and with a soft voice he would smile all the way into your soul as he said " I'm going home". 
He never explained. he just laughed as if he knew a wonderful secret. Smiling like a person who has given you a gift of whatever you desired most, as they handed it to you.
None ever knew, least of all him, how many he touched with his soft words, a listening heart, or a kind hand. If we complimented him, he would just smile and say " We are each given a direction, a thing to do. If taken, we will receive all that is required." so that, if only for an instant we might understand a little better
An envelope has been passed to all of us.. It is a letter from our friend
"Do not be saddened you are here, or even wonder why, for I am sure many of you do not understand. You only know you needed to be here and can't really fathom why. Those who know, needed not come. For they understand what I've been trying to tell you all for so long now. My journey is ended and I've so thoroughly enjoyed the walk. I've smiled and I've frowned. I've loved, and I've cried. I knew both sorrow and victory. So many wonderful things fell into place once I became more concerned with where I was headed than where I was going
Each of you have your own dreams, goals, wishes, and desires of where you want to go. Who you want to be. Just remember wherever you're going, be sure you are firmly headed in the right direction.
I've headed home to GODs loving arms.............Now, where are you headed"

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