I watched them slowly walking down the street, gently holding each others hand
                            There was such a quiet peace about them, you wanted to walk with them
                            Most of those they passed smiled at them, involuntarily, without even knowing
                 Those with someone would reach out for the others hand ,put their arm around them
                           What was the wonderful magic at work here in these two aged people walking
                           It wasn't some deep dark mystery to be learned. It was simply the power of touch
                             Remember, those times of you life, when just a touch meant so very much
                             Your baby reaching out, touching your fingers, your nose, with wonderment
                             How peaceful and full of love you were just holding your sleeping child in your arms
                             How the touch of the hand of the person you fell in love with excited you so
                             To hug that long lost friend you thought you would never see again with such joy
                             To be there, to hold the hand of an aged loved one and see their eyes smile
                            The desire, the need to be touched, held, never goes away no matter how old
                             It might be hidden, or sadly suppressed, afraid it shows weakness, but it's there
                             And to satisfy the need in another might also satisfy the same need in yourself
                            Try it, the results may take a short while until others realize what is happening
                            within themselves as you touch them. But this is a wonderful, positive circle
                            Start with gentle touch and a smile just to let them know you care
                            A quick light hug for no reason, from behind, arms around gently, not sexually
                            The lips pressed slowly into the others neck, brushing the hair with a light sigh
                           Just giving your love, expressing it, because you do care, happy they are there
                            Not asking to be hugged back, just giving, says more than words ever could
                           Remember when you loved walking hand in hand, feeling their hand in yours
                           How with that simple touch you felt so safe and secure, you felt wanted, needed
                           Never worrying about onlookers, not caring what people would say, just content
                           When was the last time you touched your mate, just to let them know you cared
                           Such a simple thing, with such great rewards. Not only to them but to yourself
                            Brushed your teenagers head gently and smiled at them for no reason other than love
                            Don't forget the old people. Many have no one left to hug them, and they yearn
                            just like all the rest of us. Touch me, Hug me. Please let me know you care
                            Here, let me hug you, let me feel the warmth in your arms and you in mine
                            Come take my hand and walk with me, for I am not ashamed. I am proud to care
                            Remember, sometimes, when you reach for a hand, you wind up touching a heart


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