The fire was dying, the warmth it once gave was growing dim
                                                     only smoldering embers glowing eerily in the darkness remained.
                                                 What was once thought to be the heat from a raging fire out of control
                                                      has turned out to be only its own reflection of the fire so freely given.
                                                  A fire only continues to burn brightly where fuel is continually supplied
                                                     otherwise it consumes itself, rapidly at first, then slowly till all is gone
                                                 Leaving nothing but destruction and cold ashes in its wake of its passing
                                                 The fire of passion, of love was given freely, basking in the return of its glow
                                                    But fueled alas, not by returned love but, only by itself, it had no chance,
                                                  You took loves fire, dancing in its flames, eyes laughing in the flickering light
                                                     But the fire never touched you and the heat you sent back was only my own
                                                  You walked through the fire like the person who walks on hot coals
                                                     Never consumed or even burnt, but rejoicing only in your control of the fire
                                                  Ever demanding to give more, to burn higher, hotter, consuming all
                                                      While you laughed, refining your grasp on the glowing coals of my soul
                                                 Now as the fuel is almost gone, the small flame flickers weakly in the wind
                                                     searching, crying out for the love it needs to keep its hope, its life alive.
                                                 And it knows now, it cannot, shall not, will not sustain another's control over it
                                                    For to do so any longer is to waste the heat, sacrificing a soul purely in vain
                                                 While there is one last coal left glowing, it shall remain there, untouched,
                                                     Refusing to be wasted, knowing the self must be saved lest all be lost
                                                 And when true love comes, fully returning all that it is given and more,
                                                      Then the fire will burn as never before, for its fuel of love will be everlasting
                                                  Its warmth reaching deep into the heart and soul, sustaining all needs
                                                   ....Never give up hope.......never give up yourself.....You are worthy of love






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