Somewhere in our lives we have all met someone just like this

                                Femme Fatale

          She came into the room quietly, clinging to his arm
          All eyes turned to look, captivated by her lilting laugh
          Their looks were rewarded by the sight of her charming smile
          Dressed in light frilly clothes that left little to the imagination
          Her hungry eyes searched the room, taking in everything
         We all knew there was no loyalty present in her heart
                 One arm was as good as another and many would be offered
                 and it was plain, she was only out for what she could get
                  Her smile beckoned, enticing a word, a touch from any stranger
                  I watched as she cried out for attention that so quickly came
                 A drink was offered to her and she greedily emptied it quickly
          She seemed totally unashamed of showing her base passions
          It mattered not to her if they were young or old, they were fair game         
          She handled her power, her charm deftly, as if unaware of it
         but there was no mistaking who was the center of attention
                 There were those who would say she had a heart clean and pure
                 While others wondered just what would become of her in the end
                 To say, I can change her, I can make her happy, give her direction.
                 She projected an air of helplessness that left many willing to try
                 But if the relationship began to stink, would they turn their noses
                 Running the other way as fast as their legs could carry them
        But as I watched, I knew, she would get everything she wanted
        At least for a while. And that is, I guess, as it always should be
       For she was one of a kind, a unique personification of love

                                          and only 2 months old

Graphic by Kitty Roach

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