She loved him. But she listened to him with a soul grown heavy.
        Again, she was asked to do things with which her heart did not agree
        They were but small things at first, and she sought to make him happy
        But now it had gone far beyond that, for now he felt total control
        Power that fed his ego, now out of control, demanding ever more
        Without any regard for her feelings. Her sense of worth dwindled
        Soon she was left, not as a loving mate, but only a thing to be controlled
        It seemed the more she tried to please him, the less she became.
        All decisions became his. Tailored only to his needs, his wants
        While she slowly sank imperceptibly deeper into compliance
        Each day, a little more of her self, her being, wasted away in silence
        One of the cornerstones of life is trying to please the ones we love
        However, too often ignored is a basic fact, it is, it must be a two way street
        There are cautionary limits of giving to others that need to be addressed
        Trying to please the ones we love and others is an admirable quality.
        But not if it is done at the very high expense of destroying ones inner self
        Those who want you to do anything not right within you own heart
        especially when you know you are trying to do right, are purely selfish
        They do not have your best interests, of the relationship itself at heart
        They are simply acting totally for themselves without concern for others
        If you do not do what they want, they act like it is you who has done wrong,
        when in truth you have only done what is right, what your heart believes
        There is right, and there is wrong. We call the area in between a gray area.
        Gray areas are only those where we find a reason to justify doing wrong
        How can one expect to grow, to be at peace when doing the wrong thing.
        Even if we can talk ourselves into thinking we are doing it for the right reason
        Is there really any difference between doing the wrong thing for the right reason
        and doing the right thing for the wrong reason, both are extremely destructive.
        For inside we know the truth, don't we, and another piece of our humanity dies.
        We become like little children, hiding in the corner, hoping it will go away.
        But it doesn't, it never really does. We all need to find the strength to say
        This in not right. You are supposed to love me. But instead you are hurting me.
        To force the other to see the destructiveness of their actions, their demands.
        To remind them when you both walked hand in hand through life in mutual caring
        If the path you started on in sunlight and love has entered into darkness and rain
        It is time to either find where you turned off the original path, or find a new path.
       One back to the sunshine where love flourishes, where you feel good about  yourself
       Sometimes the path will be together, as it once was. But know, people change.
       Those who walk not the same path, the same sharing, cannot walk together.
       One will walk on regardless, while the other aimlessly wanders in the darkness
       When one has found the strength to know the path have become truly separate
       then one will have started to find the true path of their life......and peace
              graphic by Kitty Roach                                   

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