Eyes, the mirror of the soul, telling all our deepest hidden secrets
Speaking far more with a glance than volumes of words can say
And yet how many take the tim
e to look into another's eyes           
To find the truth, the joy, the desperation, or love hidden there
As we pass each other in life, even in those tiny brief moments
why do we not look into the eyes of others, just for a moment
Are we afraid of what we will see, of afraid of what we may show

All of us walk together silently in the hidden ways of the heart
Secret thoughts unspoken, our words measured, our walls built
and yet, in all of us, are the same desires, touching us moving us,
if only so we may know, as others speak to our hearts, we are not alone

And yet alone we are sometimes, for we look, but we do no see
Does the sadness in others eyes remind us of our own
Do we wonder why we do not have that wonderful sparkle in another's
Are we afraid to offer a kind word when we see the look of despair
When someone's eyes are harried or sad, would not a kind word help
How can we expect to walk through life needing to feel wanted, appreciated
when we ourselves cannot offer the smallest word, or smile to another
To see a wonderful flicker of joy, of thanks, when your eyes smiled at them
for no reason other than to let them know, you wish them well
can bring a soft and quiet inner joy to both the giver and the receiver

And so the question really is...what so our eyes look like to others
Do our eyes laugh with humor, or are they sad with the pressures we all face
Do they light up with the insight of the fantasy of the pictures we wish for
Or do they look hauntingly for understanding, searching for unfound peace
Each must be true, for each is true for all................the question is..........


Which face, which heart, which eyes look at us


And which looks back at others.



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