Oprah, Celebrate the Spirit, and the Lastmanout
You may wonder why this page is here and what is the connection between this site
and Oprah. I think it is an interesting story, and perhaps even a paradox in itself.
  Please know  there is no animosity in anything here, only a story to tell
It explains the Hey Oprah - Ignore This - billboard  <-click to see) I put up in Chicago 
Oprah once asked her viewers to write in and tell her where they wanted
their lives to be in the coming year of 2000 in relation to Celebrating the Spirit. 
I wrote in with an observation and a suggestion. Her book club highlights certain new
books in "Celebrating the Sprit" and for her book club,  but it is limited to those who are
currently  published.  I suggested, with her connections and power, why not start either
her own publishing company, or at the very least, an agency representing new authors
who reach the heart and seek to make the world just a little better with their words 
To this end I sent in multiple copies of my manuscripts on different days along with
just some of the copies of 1000s of the replies I received to my musings. Replies that 
asked how I knew, could feel, voiced the hidden thoughts of their hearts and souls.
I removed the names from the replies for privacy, and stated so, but left all the rest
intact. I specifically sent multiple copies  because I was interested to see if all the
mail was read, as Oprah so often stated.   ( It definitely is not and much is ignored)
At this time, a friend of mine got wind of what I had done and using my mailing list 
she sent out a letter, without telling me of course until later, informing everyone on 
the list of the effort I was making toward Oprah's request. She asked them, if my 
writings had touched them, to write to Oprah in my support. Both by E-Mail and 
snail mail. And if they were forwarding the musings on to their own personal lists, 
to please also forward on her request. 
              Oprah received thousands of letters from all over the world my support  
                             Unfortunately, she and her staff chose to ignore them.
This is the strange paradox. She seems to get and often take action on a single letter.
Here she gets hundreds and hundreds of letters from all over the world on my behalf asking
for her help so others might be as touched and changed as they had been by my small words,
and yet affords me not even the courtesy of a reply or a question of why so many  wonderful letters were written in my support from so many people in so many diverse places  who have
read and loved the musings.  I suspect they got so much mail for me in such a short time
they probably thought they were spammed. But, sigh, they could have checked.
So many have expressed how my small words have helped them to "Celebrate the
Spirit" within them as was Oprah's intention. They spoke of how the words helped 
open their hearts, their minds and their  souls to the light within. That the words 
spoke directly to them in the silent places they sometimes hide 
So, if the small words  in my musings have touched you, helped you, made you smile,
or in some small way made a difference in your life, or someone you know,  please
let me know and sign my guest book.
The sad part is, while the staff ignored all those wonderful letters, they not only ignored
me, but ignored all you wonderful people who took the time to write them in my behalf.
For those of you reading this who once took your time to write her, I sincerely thank
you. And <smile> if you want to write again, here's the  E-mail  Oprah link .  But if she
and her staff have steadfastly maintained they will not even acknowledge  the billboard
in her own town.....that was for up many months ( courtesy of the billboard people ) then
like the many thousands of other letters, it too may be ignored.
                                                    Oprah says she listens.
Somehow, it has not proven so, and her words echo silently in the world of injustice. 
But rest assured, I will continue to write. For I must do so. I to learn as the words flow from
the ink from my pen to the music of angels whispers. Surely the loss is Oprahs, not mine.
Love flows because we want it to flow from within us, not because of anyone outside us.
Love is what we are. Some know this. Some suspect this. Some have no clue. Yet in end, as
it was when it all began, the circle comes back to find the love that was always there, in us.
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