The music plays.....without instruments.....without notes.....without sound.
                                      Wrapping around us, crescendos of majesty mixed with dark deep wails.
                                      Silent sounds playing invisible bars only our hearts, our souls can hear.
                                      The music of our lives. The marching strains of victory. The blues of defeat
                                      Like a haunting movie our lives play out to the sound of background music
                                      we are only marginally aware of, and none but us will ever hear or appreciate/

                                      Now, sit back. Relax. Bring to mind all the memorable moments of your life
                                      When you were young and the all the world was yours, and love was new.
                                      Can you hear of love dancing through your mind with your first love
                                      And how the melody changed when it ended, as you thought you would end also
                                      The solace our wounded hearts, wounded pride found in those secret melodies
                                      Music no radio ever played, as you drove through joy and pain, ups and downs

                                     When you finally grew up, found your true love, you needed no music to dance
                                     The melody raced through your head, and the voices of angels sang the words
                                     And then when just sitting quietly, holding each other softly in peaceful bliss
                                     each heartbeat plucked its own chord of soulful sounds only you could hear.

                                     Then there was the time you did that dangerous thing you'll never, never do again
                                     But while you were doing it, you heard the silent music urging you ever onward.
                                     Nursery rhymes and children's songs as you carried your newborn child home
                                     The blues and the hymns reverberating through you in those times of great loss

                                     Now time has passed and your life has chosen a path to walk for a while
                                     Ah...but now...what music plays for you now in the moments of your life
                                     The music we hear...or fail to hear the meaning of our life
                                     Is the silence deafening. Does the music of your heart, your soul, make you cry
                                     Or do you sing joyfully with the voices of angels with the dawn of each new day
                                     The melodies that play for you are your own....the music of your own soul

                                      Orchestrate your life so the music you hear is that of your own true heart
                                      You alone are the real and true writer and conductor. The arrangement is yours.
                                      Never let it be drowned out by the sounds of needless strife and meaningless life
                                      Tomorrow is a new day..........Come, take my hand.............Let the music begin.













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