She knew she was dying. She had known for a long time.
He sat so vigilant there beside her as she lay motionless in her bed
Sleeping so softly, quietly, as if she had not a care in the world
The gentle breathing , the only sound in the deep silence of the room
His mind raced, his heart pounded, how does one say good-bye.
How does one end all the wonderful years of togetherness, caring, love
All the bad times, what few there had been, were now long forgotten.
Washed away by the soft tears of love with each ticking of the clock
Oh, for just one more second, just one more minute to spend together

Remembering the start, the miracle of how they found each
Two lost searching souls, who found each other and became whole
Running wildly, passionately through life, hand in hand, heart in heart.

So close they knew what each other thought, the next words to be said
Never thinking, even imagining, it could or would ever end apart.
Now the time is short, so short, each second is as precious as a year
A treasure measured far beyond the golden riches of a kings ransom

Her eyes open and she looks at him, knowing he would be there
She smiles. That silly smile that has lit his life and brought him joy for so long
It's almost time to go, silent words from her eyes touching him gently
Oh, if only he could take her place he thinks, but then she would be watching me.
Looking down at me with my same fears, longing, uncertainty and loss

She slowly reaches up, her old hands still soft, brushing a tear from his cheek
The words come to him as if in a dream, surreal, forming in his mind, his heart
Do not be sad my love. We ran wild and free. Hand in hand we knew love
Love far beyond anything we could ever imagined or ever hoped we could have
Now I must leave you my love, Just for little while I must walk without your hand
But my journey is not to be alone for you see there is a angel just there beside you
Telling me of the wonderful place I am going while I wait just a while for you.
For we were right all along. Our two souls were in all truth really only one.

As she spoke he felt a presence bedside him, a presence of total love
And in his heart suddenly felt the beautiful, wonderful truth in her eyes
Suddenly the room was gone, he was standing knee deep in field of fog
A brilliant white light       everywhere as far as he could see, and he was afraid
Then a voice spoke. A voice so clean, pure, beautiful beyond all description

"You have seen the end. The choice to journey there remains within you
But know this, the path cannot contain pettiness, selfishness, or control
Each must help, uplift, support the other in what their part of the soul seeks
For although you are but one, without real love, you will be forever apart
and your walk through this life will be forever lonely, in vain, wasted. "

Suddenly he awoke. He was sitting in his chair, his wife shaking him gently.
She smiled at him. "You were crying softy in your sleep. Are you all right ?"

He looked at her with a new mind, and new understanding, a new heart.
"Am I all right.............Yes............Yes my love..................I am.........Now. "




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