Content ?   Happy ?    In love ?   Words trying to vainly express intangible feelings that  
   just happen to intertwine and yet, at the same time, seem at often at cross purposes to 
   each other, standing alone, aloof in our world of meanings. 
   When are we content; Happy; In Love. Surely one would think if we were happy then  
   we would be content. but more often than not it is not so.  Happiness seems to be a 
   fleeting thing, a moment,  more than a condition, although there are those lucky few 
   who seem to be always happy.
   A prisoner can be content with incarceration he suffers for his crime, but he surely is not 
  happy. While the guard may be happy he is working but not content with those things  
  he must do to control others..
  And now we add In Love to confuse matters even more.... When we are in love are we 
 happy ?  Ah. time immortal is littered with the tales of being totally in love, but also 
 unhappy love, hopeless  love.  And yet if to be in love is said to be happy and content, 
 then surely this cannot be so. Can all exist at the same time. All part of each other, 
 adding to each other.  Or are they separate  distinct parts of our lives and inherent to 
 what we each separately may seek . And most importantly  which is it we seek, 
 ............... and which will we accept.
  All seek to be in love and to be loved, but one can love the wrong person and never be
 happy or content.  In fact their lives become actually quite unhappy and contentment is
 a luxury beyond reach.  So clearly love alone is not enough and the romantic delusion it
 fosters only serves to bind the chains tighter on ones heart.
  So is contentment enough ? Can we have contentment without love? Now many, many
  have settled for this.  They don't find the need for love all that overpowering, or have
  lost before and cannot stand the thought of more pain. Or they know without love they
  have control. But then they are not happy. Or they smile and laugh but there is no real
  happiness, for there is no love. 
  They become like a beautiful bird with its home in a wondrous tree and never without  
 food. But it has no wings and cannot fly and its songs echo the hidden sadness of its 
 heart. It cannot remember what is missing and yet something inside weeps bitter tears 
 for its contentment.
  Someone once asked me, who am I waiting for, surely there must be someone out there
  for me, someone who interests me that I could be with now, and not be alone.  I just
  smile.  For I have watched the eyes reflect the souls of those I have passed over a  
  lifetime. In those who say they are contented. Seeing them unknowingly ever searching
  for the briefest glimpse of love in the eyes of their mate, for that lost piece of love they
  know is not there. In those who say they are happy and yet are never at rest, for  
  contentment has eluded them, and they fear love, for love will not let them keep their
  delusions of not needing anyone.
  In those who say they are in love, content and happy. Those are the eyes that forever
  smile into my soul and drive me onward, patiently waiting to have all three. For now, I
  am as happy as I need be, and I have a large degree of contentment, for I know I can
  wait. And she will come. As I know the sun will rise tomorrow I know she will come.
  She may not even know why herself, but she will come, when the time is right for the
  both of us. Then we can share that wondrous merging love that brings the other gifts
  with it and we will know Love, Contentment, and Happiness.
  It is worth waiting. 
  I will not settle.
  Lest my song echo forever, mirroring that which I  might have had, 
  .......and been.
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