In a world of full of selfishness, greed, hate, loneliness and pain
                                            Where the words I love you fall far too easily from lips that can lie
                                            Hearts are broken and crushed into tiny, torn and bleeding pieces
                                            for the small momentary gratification of those who drain emotions dry
                                            In silence the heart beats echo as the mind drifts in worlds of fantasy
                                            Imagination of things, of dreams, desires yet to be, just out of reach.
                                           Always teasingly held by others just out beyond their fingertips,
                                           Where the rainbows dream of love is the hearts only siren call.
                                            You can still find those who freely give more love than they receive
                                            Their eyes sometimes reflecting a mischievous, knowing, fiery glow
                                            Or showing only the deep sadness of loves dying breath unsaved
                                            Unafraid to cry, for they have given all they had in total surrender
                                            Opened their hearts and souls, holding nothing back, sharing all
                                            To them it matters not the end, only the journey gives meaning to life
                                            Their joy resplendent with angel voices when love blossoms and lives
                                            Their sorrow as deep as the loneliest darkest pit of hell when it fails
                                            For they are the ones who know the true meaning and worth of love
                                           Gladly sacrificing all they are for another to make their light shine
                                           They taste love, feel love in everything and know the very truth of love
                                            Love given by the soul in truth, in honesty, shared openly, can only grow
                                           While love for those who misuse it, in the end, will be lost to them forever
                                           Loves silken fragile tear once shed in vain is a piece of the soul gone
                                           Hold love gently, lest enough fragile tears are shed that love can only die
                                           and you exist in a world of fantasy, lies and delusions where nothing is real
                                          True, real, love, as those that love know, is worth every sacrifice, every trial
                                          Even if it is known, held only for the briefest of brightly shining moments
                                          You will recognize it when it comes again...and for those who will.





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