A Tiny Angel Smiles

She was the smallest angel, tiny and delicate like an angel collectable
Perfectly formed of course for she was an angel no matter however small
Silver gossamer wings fluttered like a humming bird wherever she flew
Giving off her own angelic glow her wings mixed with the lights reflections
So she looked like a sparkling diamond giving off all colors of the rainbow
But she was so small, so tiny, it frustrated her. What could she ever do .
All the other angels gave off a great presence of peace to those on earth
They were an awesome display of the power and love throughout heaven.
How would anyone ever listen to her. Before she could begin to even speak
they would walk away not knowing she was there, or worse, swat at her.

The other angels counseled and kept their earthly charges from harms way
In those rare times when they let themselves be seen as the angels they were
Their charges were always in so much awe and amazement of their very being
What good could a tiny little angel the size of a small humming bird possibly do
But the tiny angels heart was so big, she just knew there was a purpose for her
She did not have the calm look of the big angels, of their total peaceful serenity
Her look, angelic as it was, was more like a mischievous little pixie full of joy
And all the big angels smiled when she came for her joy was so contagious

One day as she watched them all smiling at her in love, she suddenly knew
what she could do. What she was made to do, her very purpose in living.
Now instead of approaching the humans with a buzz to speak in their ear
She pulled her self up with all her strength and flew right up in front of them
And hovering there, sparkling so very brilliantly like the finest of diamonds
Where they had to actually see her, they could not miss her shinning light
She smiled at them. She didn't talk or offer advise or a warning, just smiled.

And they all saw, and they all smiled back at her, grinning from ear to ear
They could not help themselves for her smile was love and it was contagious

So it came to be she had found her purpose and the two truths of smiles
Smiles must be given and not held for if you try to hold them they slowly die
But if you cheerfully give them away again to others, they may live forever.
And the other truth. A smile is the door opening the heart to let love come in.

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