Dues Paid
                                           Ah the impetuousness of youth in all of its grandeur, its dreams
                                           its desires and the passions that rage so uncontrollably bring fond
                                           memories of times past when all was so clear, so black and white.
                                          When all things were known, doubts were few and life was simple
                                          Love was an uncontrollable longing bringing death if it was denied
                                          Burning all things, all bridges in the quest to attain the illusive goal
                                          Oh how slow to learn, not daring to listen to voices who had been there
                                          had in only a such a short time, as quickly died as it had born
                                         Only then beginning to understand, the voices ignored were right all along
                                         No matter our age we are all children to those who have gone ahead
                                         Watching over us with a laughing eye and a sly smile having been there
                                         Where does age begin, in the body or in the mind, or in the heart
                                         Come my love and grow old with me for the best is truly yet to come
                                         for now we have begun to understand, we know truly what love is.
                                         How to enjoy the important things in life without selfishness.
                                         To see in another's eyes their soul and not our own refection.
                                         To seek the happiness of the other first and not as part of our needs
                                         The holding of a heart as softly and gently as one would hold a cloud
                                         Finding the spirit within each singing songs of joy to each other
                                         Souls so in tune to the greatness and majesty of the world full of love
                                         Never to even imagine in their wildest darkest dreams of seeking control
                                         Come my love, for the time left to love seems to be shorter with each day
                                         We have paid our dues and we have learned our painful lessons and now
                                         the missing completeness we have sought for so long is within our grasp
                                         We shall wrap each other in peace and love as the angels smile upon us
                                         Not young, not old, but in a timeless wonder of God's infinite blessing
                                         Eternity shall wrap around us as we soar on golden wings in love forever
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