Wish Granted
                                                      The day had been long and fraught with disappointment and grief
                                                     It seemed nothing could go right and every effort met with failure
                                                    The body was weak with fatigue, the mind wandering out in space
                                                    Happiness was now only a long forgotten word in a dim gray memory
                                                     Why did it have to be this way raced jumbled and wishful thoughts
                                                   "If I had taken that other job I would be happy, I could have advanced"
                                                   "I should have married someone else, then I would have been happy"
                                                   "Living in another part of the country would be better, anywhere but here"
                                                   "I should have bought the new car anyway then I would be happy"
                                                   "If only I could hit the lottery, wow, then all my prayers would be answered"
                                                   "Just one wish, one lousy little wish that's all I asked, Just one wish"
                                                   And with that thought, there came a crack of thunder and blinding light
                                                   Suddenly the world was gone and light was everywhere, soft yet brilliant
                                                   From everywhere, yet no where, came a voice bringing both fear and peace
                                                   "One Wish. One wish is all you ask to change your life to make you happy
                                                   So be it. Choose carefully what you want, for now you will surely receive it
                                                    While you are considering and weighing all those choices of love, money,
                                                    fame, fortune and all the others I see running greedily through your mind,
                                                    let me ask you some questions about your life and why you need this wish.
                                                    What are the things in your life that have brought you any happiness so far?
                                                   All the material possessions you have ever bought gave only temporary joy
                                                   Most of them are now either long forgotten and replaced or need replaced
                                                   No matter how much money you had, it was never enough, you spent it all.
                                                   Jobs were chosen for money and advancement instead of self satisfaction
                                                   All the wonderful presents ever given you supplied only a short repast
                                                   There must have been happy moments in your life somewhere...Now think"
                                                   The words stuck a deep cord within and broke the mind from its fantasy
                                                   Memories buried under all the everyday trials and troubles broke free
                                                   And a smile slowly crossed the lips and the heart grew a little warmer
                                                   A remembered look of love through another's aged eyes for a selfless deed
                                                  The bright glow and wonderful laugh of the child you took a day off to be with
                                                  Picking out the perfect present for someone, that made you just smile all day
                                                  Suddenly the truth was so clear. Nothing and no one can make you happy,
                                                 Happiness comes only from within, not from worldly things, but from spirit
                                                 And that happiness, that love, grows only when given, when freely shared
                                                 The best and true times of our lives are when we give to others our love.
                                                 "Are you ready now to make your wish" came the voice within his soul
                                                  Yes, came the answer, as tears flowed from eyes now ablaze with knowledge
                                                  Teach me how to love, and to share that love always and forever. Let me
                                                   go around doing good deeds and helping others without ever knowing
                                                  The voice smiled " So be it " ..................Now, what is your wish ?




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