A Fairy Tale - or Not

                                      It was a time of dragons, of knights, of princesses, of ideals, and of love
                                      Tales taken from long ago and far away, yet still dancing in our dreams
                                      Words handed down from generation to generation by old storytellers

                                      The castle was surrounded by the moat, wherein lived terrible dark things
                                      summoned somehow to guard those whose prison was these stone walls.
                                      Put there so long ago, there was in all the land no memory without them.
                                      And though the castle was continually surrounded by a dark, damp gray fog
                                      In the center there was always a wondrous light, bright, and fiercely glowing
                                      For here in this castle prison and fortress lived the princess they called Love

                                      The inhabitants of the land lived with the darkness and had accepted their fate
                                      Sadness, worry, gloom and despair was their way of life without their princess
                                      They knew she was there, but knew not how to free her, or even if they should.
                                      For they had grown complacent, refusing to even test the walls or the moat
                                      The memory of their princess was now enough, a memory slowly crumbling

                                      Into this land rode a knight in armor polished as the sun, whose name was Light
                                      And where he passed, and his horses hooves touched, the darkness retreated
                                      The fog rolling back as he approached for to touch the Light was to end the fog
                                      He came to the edge of the moat. From the depths of the foul water came things
                                      Dark evil shapes without substance or form springing out to frighten, to attack

                                      And they were called Abuse, Avarice, Hate, Power, Lies, Control, and Pain
                                      They had controlled these people, this land for a long time but were now afraid
                                      For they watched as Light drew from his scabbard the awesome sword of Truth
                                             Control and Abuse tried their best to wrest away the sword of truth   
                                                                    so that it would be forever lost 
                                      While Lies, Pain did their best to see the people remained blind to the struggle
                                      And from the parapets, Love, who refused to ever give up, added her brilliance
                                      Once combined together the total power of Light and Love could not be denied
                                      All the darkness, the evil, the monsters from the depth of the moat vanished

                                      All the people in rejoining with Light,  Love was free, came now to understand
                                      It was they, themselves, who with their small petty fears and lack of faith
                                      Had created the very darkness they lived in, the monsters that tormented them

                                      The Knight of Light brought the sword of Truth against which dark can not stand
                                      From the sky came the angels of  Hope, Understanding, Compassion and Faith
                                      on wings of the finest gold, singing songs, to take the hands of Light and Love
                                      Never again was there darkness in the land, and Love lived happily ever after.

                                          Oh...and the baby dragons, well they're cute and everyone needs a pet












































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