This was written for the relatives of a young man who fell from a building 
                                                 and lapsed into a coma.  Thankfully, in the end, he revived and recovered

                                      He lies so still. His quiet breathing is the only sound
                                      Dreams of life held in the hands, the hearts of quiet hope
                                      While memories of years past run as a flood through the mind
                                      Each moment remembered a small jewel of a greater treasure
                                      God's precious gift entrusted to your care for only a while
                                      Teaching lessons, giving love, wiping away tears, and bringing smiles
                                      Like a movie in slow motion it flashes past your eyes while you watch
                                      A part of yourself, yet growing, becoming so very unique in himself
                                      A thousand tiny things once forgotten overwhelm your senses
                                      As if, in the remembering, the pain can be pushed back, ignored
                                      But when you open your eyes he is still there as if softly asleep
                                      In all of this there is yet wonderment and hope brightly alive
                                      For each breath is life, and time for another prayer to reach God's ears
                                      Unseen angels surround him, keeping their watch, holding his hand
                                      He is not afraid, for they talk to him in the deep silence of the room
                                      And he knows he is loved, by you, by others, and most of all by GOD
                                     He sleeps in peace, while there, in that small room, time has stopped
                                     And while time has stopped, prayers reign supreme, and love rules.








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