Beyond Words

                 I close my eyes and you are there
                    A feeling of love surrounds me                    
                   The light so warm and pleasant
               My breathing slows without notice
                       Great peace washes over me
                   Thorough me in wondrous waves
                   I feel your spirit softly enter me
                Flowing in such love beyond words
                 We breathe each breath together
                    There is no barrier to our souls
                          The joining is complete
                          With only one set of eyes
                            We see the same place
                             Feel the same light
                         The precious wind of life
                      Hearts beat as one together
                           For they are only one
                          Souls no longer seeking
                     Together wrapped in serenity
                            Love beyond all time
                            Has come home at last
                              Always here yet not
                           While empty arms ache
                          Love brings such peace
                           Yet as eyes again open
                                Tears slowly fall

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