I watched the little girl as she tightly held her teddy bear and
                                     looked at her mother with wide questioning eyes and although
                                         there was not a word spoken I heard her heart speak out


                                             Mommy....Why ?

                                               Mommy this letter is for you because there are some things I don't understand
                                               I'm your little girl and I know you love me. I can feel it all around as you hug me
                                               I know you put up with a lot sometimes from me and my brother as we learn
                                               But we are growing up and there are questions we just have to have answered
                                               Mommy, sometimes what you tell us and what we see are just not the same
                                              You take us to school and also to church so we can learn all about the world
                                              I've tried to ask you questions about all this before but you just ignored me
                                             Sometimes you tell me it's complicated, I'll understand it all when I grow up
                                             Mommy, what is love really like. The teachers say love is wonderful, full of joy
                                             and I see people holding hands and kissing each other. They look so happy.
                                            Why aren't you happy Mommy ? You tell me we are a loving family, are we ?
                                             I used to feel so good when I got to climb on your lap and have you read to me
                                             Even now it feels so good just to be beside you watching TV or playing games
                                             We could see your eyes softly smile even when you were so very very tired
                                             But we never see you look like that when daddy comes home. Your eyes cry
                                              Mommy, who is daddy really ? Oh yes I know he's daddy and sometimes he
                                             even plays games with us. But he doesn't play or hug us like you do Mommy.
                                             He buys us things, and we love that. But does he buy them because he just
                                             loves us or because he thinks we are supposed to love because he buys them
                                             You smile and watch us play and use the gifts while daddy says here, go play.
                                             If there are different kinds of love Mommy then we decided we like yours best
                                               And Mommy, if he loves you, and you love him why are you so afraid of him
                                               You never tell us you are afraid, but we see it all the time in the things you do
                                               Daddy's coming home and all of a sudden the house has to be made perfect
                                              Why Mommy ? If it is ok for us when he is gone why is not ok when he's here.
                                              And why do we have to leave daddy alone. You told us he loved us like you do.
                                              We see him touch you Mommy and it not like some of our friends parents.
                                              They hug each other and smile and laugh, for real Mommy, not fake laughs
                                              But your eyes do not shine Mommy and we see you touch but without love.
                                              Mommy, is that because he treats you like a slave. Yes Mommy we do see.
                                              You let us get to tell you when we think you're wrong and you always listen
                                              Ok, most of the time you are right, but Mommy, you value what we think and
                                              let us talk out all our feelings and you are so concerned how we handle them.
                                             Why doesn't' t daddy listen to you. It is like your opinion does not matter to him.
                                             Mommy, if daddy loves you, why doesn't' he listen to you, at least sometimes
                                             Why is it ok for him to treat you like that Mommy Other daddies don't do that.
                                            Will I have to be treated like that when get married Mommy?  Please say no !
                                             I love you so much Mommy but I don't want to be sad like you are with daddy
                                             And now brother is trying to be like daddy and he hurts my feelings Mommy.
                                             What is love Mommy. I need to know. It doesn't feel right watching you Mommy
                                             You can tell us all you want, everything is fine and we are just one happy family
                                             But Mommy we do have eyes and we see it is not true. We do see everything
                                             And we are trying to understand cause Mommy we want you to be as happy
                                             as we are with you. What will it take to make you happy Mommy, can I help ?




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