From out of nowhere it comes, he can feel the pounding of his heart 

            Rapidly growing faster as the thoughts of her come softly to his mind    

            Images of all his dreams raced in wild abandon behind eyes of tears.  

            Visions of joy, gladness, peace, love wash silently over his very being 

            Drenching his emotions, stretching them to the very point of destruction 

            No longer even able to breathe, his very breath has deserted his will

           The fire within flares out of control and begins to consume his being 

           Longing and desire race beside passion while love beckons seductively 

           All control gone, he lives now only for this moment, this second in time 

           A journey with no ending has started, a walk that must be has come 

           Fate cannot be ignored or mocked for surely it will, it must, have its way 

           The first steps have been taken and his eyes search for the path to walk 

            But there is no falter in his steps and he goes foreword with eyes ablaze 

            His heart embracing all there is to come, to feel, to be, alive forever in love 

            His soul sings words too beautiful to be spoken as the angels guide him 

            His tears of joy fall with the sound of tiny silver bells onto streets of gold 

           and with the gentle rustle of angel wings, his heart sings, and fate smiles. 

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