Houston - We Have A Problem


                                     Haunting words out of deep space from a tiny capsule in dark void
                                     Words conveying concern, requesting advise, seeking a solution
                                     When these words are spoken there is a real problem to be solved
                                     They know the difference between a problem and an momentary glitch
                                     Our lives are no different than theirs except our capsule is much bigger
                                     And because its larger most have not learned what really is an emergency
                                     Rushing through life some of the smallest things become huge obstacles
                                     Because we have not learned to recognize the nature of our existence
                                     How often have you watched people rage in lost anger over a small thing
                                     True there can be times when a trifling matter seems like the last straw
                                     Life is filled with small and large glitches we magnify into major problems
                                     A flat on the way to work, missing the meeting, is only an glitch
                                    Wrecking your car, denting the fender, scratching the paint is a glitch
                                    The long line at the checkout when you are in a frantic hurry, the person 
                                    who can never get your order right, the idiot neighbor you loathe, the     
                                    boss who never recognizes your worth, the paycheck that never seems 
                                    to go far enough
                                    These are all glitches in life, not major problems, for each of these
                                    YOU have the power to fix, to live with, to adjust to, they are a part of life
                                    none of them should be a reason to call out "Houston We have a Problem",
                                     A Problem is when the house burns down, not when the kids soil the rug
                                     A scratched fender is a glitch, a wreck that hospitalizes you is a problem
                                     The boy/girl friend that broke your heart is a glitch, a learning glitch even
                                     The mate who abused you and the kids, that you still live with is a problem
                                     Learn what is important in life, see the "glitches" from the problems
                                     Glitches are but momentary inconveniences on the pathway of life
                                     Problems are walls and canyons you may need help getting over
                                    Knowing which is which can be the difference between a happy and sad life
                                    Not only for you but for all those around you, friends, family, mates, lovers
                                    Next time something happens to you, or around you, you just cannot stand
                                    Take a closer look, you may just be able to smile and say ............"Glitch"
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