Forever Love

              Before you were ever there I knew you in soft white misty light of my heart
              You would come ever so gently and I would feel your breath on my soul
          Forever love wrapped in pure white satin of my hearts desires patiently waiting
      For our time when we are ready to find, to touch each other as lovingly in person
           As truly as we have touched and joined so often within our spirits and souls.
          I listen to your whisper as my heart has felt your touch, my soul your breath
        I walk through life aimlessly forever searching for just a trace of you I touched
          Seconds pass as slowly as hours, while hours become as quick as seconds
      While you laughingly dance through my mind merging with me, I feel you there
      Alone, yet forever love is near, whispering in the fragrance of flowers on the wind
     Touching me ever so softly, filing me with the warmth of the sun in each soft kiss
       I breathe with your breath, I see out with your eyes, and Love with your heart
      Lifetimes we loved and lifetimes we spend apart waiting to be joined once again
     Truly a forever love, lived in the tiny seconds of life on the grand stage of eternity
       A love wrapped in light, forever woven into the threads of time by the master
      Who weaves his masterpiece of love with the carefully chosen strands of each
               Perfectly matched and send on a journey of .............Forever love

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