Time stops. The sky becomes a forest fire alive with dancing red flames
Frozen now forever in place in their panoramic surge across the heavens
The sun remains floating, half immersed into the ever quenching night sea
Almost imagining you hear the sound of rising steam hissing in the distance
Yet there is no sound. The silence wrapping around you is total and absolute
The senses are overwhelmed and strained for the lack of sensory input
Listening for the feel of your breath, for the sound of your own heart beat
Seeking a sign of some kind, any kind a horrible mistake has not been made
The eyes futility, maddeningly search the face of the person across from you
It seems as if hours, days have passed as you search, yet the clock is still
The body wants to jump, to run, but it cannot move, It is frozen in this moment
Every nerve is straining against itself to both panic and also to remain calm
This is what is has come down to, it is all your doing and you know it now
So baldly wanted. you were prepared to say the incantation, the magic words
Now waiting, here in this no mans land between universes to find the result
The world must soon begin to turn again, but which way, forward or back
Will life be given another chance to grown and blossom or wither slowly away
Ears strain for a clue, a message, a word, anything to end what was done
And it comes. Softly, gently, like the silken touch of gossamer angels wings
"Yes, I truly love you too"......................................and life goes on....again.

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