The laughter flowed across the school yard like a dark cold breeze
            It was not the laughter of joy, of innocence playing games of fun
            No, this was the laughter of malice, of misunderstanding, of sorrow.
            Heard over and over again a thousand times in a thousand places
            Laughing at those who were not quite whole or pretty like the rest

            From small things like a tiny lisp or a stutter when one tried to speak
            To misformed limbs of arms, wrists, or legs twisted out of proper shape
            You could watch the small eyes of those laughed at show such courage
            Trying so hard to just walk on ignoring all the senseless taunts and jeers
            Inside you could see their tiny hearts cry out words they could not speak
            "Why do you laugh. I'm just like you inside, it isn't my fault I'm this way outside"
            "Please don't laugh at me, I'm trying so hard just to be the best I can be"

           Some who don't laugh, still look questioningly, giving them room as they pass
           Thankfully, there are those who were raised in love by parents who understand
           And they reach out their hands and their heart for they see only a friend in need
           They can find no pleasure in another's pain, and feel sorry for those who do.

          As the child grows and learns, so the person becomes who they are in life
          Those who stupidly laugh at the pain of others will live shallow lives of despair
          While those whose hands reached out in love will live lives where love is all
          And all those whose handicaps and deformities caused such taunts and jeers
          will learn to reach deep inside them, finding the peace only the spirit can give

          They grow, reaching others to share their peace and their love less it be lost
          God looks down and smiles, for he knows although they have earthly troubles
          They have much to teach us all for he has given them the gift of perfect wings

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