In her eyes I can see me
                                            She needs not ever speak
                                            Her eyes tell me so much more
                                            Where words fall slowly down
                                            Her eyes convey all there is
                                            Like a waterfall covering me
                                            Enveloping all of me in its mist

                                            The eyes saying I love you so much
                                            Even when I really don't deserve it
                                            I've done something stupid again
                                            Caught it the act like a little boy
                                            Her eyes laugh and say I love you
                                            While her silence leaves my dignity

                                            The eyes of hurt when I've forgotten
                                            Letting me quietly know her pain
                                            Not for something she did not get
                                            But just leaving her only wondering
                                            How I forgot what was important to her

                                            The eyes smiling when I remember
                                            An anniversary, a birthday, a time
                                            Even sometimes just the groceries
                                            Knowing I heard her message to me
                                           The one she spoke without words

                                           The eyes of contentment of being held
                                           Soft moments of being together alone
                                           No words need disturb the quiet beauty
                                           For she feels my heart beat with hers
                                           Knowing the peacefulness of belonging

                                           And finally the eyes of completeness
                                           Greeting me as I come to her once again
                                           Telling me all is well now for I am here
                                           Two halves, once alone, now again made whole
                                           Sharing all there is of love, peace, laughter
                                           For this moment and for all of time to come

                                           May she always see in my eyes what I see in hers
                                           These things must be there, in man, or women
                                           Or love is not there, and real love is all there is
                                           It is what I must see in the eyes to be at peace
                                           What do you need to see? What is it you do see?

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