Intimacy and Loneliness

Intimacy and loneliness, one would wonder how they could go together
So many people are out there searching to end their loneliness in intimacy
But what intimacy is it they seek that can bring them a true love and peace
Unfortunately there are far to many who think physical intimacy is enough
That in the physical act of possessing a body through sex only is enough
They take their pleasures to soothe their desire and then return to their world
Failing to feel any real depth of passion leaving the other used and empty
Some even taking intimacy manipulation to almost a subtle form of art
Knowing just how to touch the other lightly as they pass by, a quick kiss
While many do this and are truly in love and do it for such a reason alone
Many know this is just a way to keep the other thinking they really are loved
Yet after they satisfy their desire, why does the other feel yet alone, and used
Their partner now quickly dismissing them like a dog who performed a trick
Ignoring the look of longing and tears that fall as they leave without a thought

It is because physical intimacy is but a fleeting thing empty without the spirit
Loneliness can be eternal no matter how much physical intimacy occurs
Unless the spirit of each and souls of each mesh and merge touching in love
The true intimacy of people is in their hearts, in the very depth of their being
To be able to hold the other so close you become one without ever touching
Feeling their thoughts, feeling their very essence, the spirit that is now us
Only then there will be no longer any loneliness, all emptiness will be gone




I can not truly hold you by embrace,  or by material things, nor shall I ever try,
and though your heart is your own, it is also mine as mine is yours, and in that
freedom and open sharing is the quiet bonding that makes us truly only one.

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