The Edge of the World

          He stood there as if frozen in time, looking out over the edge of the world
        The wind whipped his satin black cape unfurling it like a flag behind him
        Below him and off into the distance billowy clouds drifted slowly about
       Creatures on mighty wings lofting on high dove from the sky above him    




      disappearing into the depths of the nothingness stretched out below him
      It was another time, another world where existed incantations and spells
      This was a place where ones immortality could be maintained by magic
      But there was a price paid for living forever, some emotions were suppressed
      Oh there were the arts, science, painting and sculpture, music and dance
      Satisfying the need to create, while games galore satisfied the need to play .
      Marriages were arranged and seemly flourished without the emotion of love

      Yet now and then some stood at the edge of the world and then stepped off
      His wife had been one of those. She had stepped off and turned to watch him
      With tears she fell into the mists below with her arms outstretched to him
      And only now he begins to feel the loss, the pain, and the spell is broken
      In that instant he realizes it is not how long you live, but how well you love
      He knows now he can never return to nothingness, that emptiness again

       Smiling, he spreads his arms wide as he remembers her arms reaching out
       Without hesitation he casts himself out, whispering, I'm coming, I'm coming
       Sacrificing all to feel the love he has lost and yet found he falls peacefully
       Until he suddenly he feels himself being born up by winged creatures of light
       And with them is his love, smiling at him, her arms again held out to him

       As they meet their bodies fade away leaving only their winged souls of light
       Transformed they laugh now knowing the truth, forever is nothing without love
       And love, real and true and pure, not only triumphs but ultimately transforms
      On golden wings of love they soar now into their new world of joy and peace
      While high above, on the edge of the world, another stands and looks down.

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