In Control

  She just sat there, frustration washing over her like a waterfall
  Pulling out some old feelings she was having trouble coping with
  She could hear his heavy breathing, was it anger, or was it tears
  He would not talk to her, his words of explanation could not come  
  Looking over at him she could now see the fire growing in his eyes
  So close they sat to each other, yet they were again, worlds apart
  She could see clearly now how his arms, his body began to shake
  It was almost as if this person she had come to love ever so dearly 
  Had turned now into an unthinking, untamed, uncontrollable monster
  But, as hard as it was to her, she remained strong, she just had to
  This could not go on any longer, It has to stop, here and now, no more
  Oh he had controlled her in subtle ways, playing hard on her emotions
  Twisting them when ever he could to get his way with her one more time
  Since she did love him, she had let him get away with it from the start
  But this was it. If she gave in now would she ever have the courage again
  He looked up at her, trying one more time to bend her heart to his will
  She sighed a heavy sigh, one of total and complete surrender to her cause
  And with her best voice, showing she was the one in control this time 
  Taking a deep breath she looked him straight in the eyes and said...NO.
 Absolutely can not get down from the table until you finish
   all of your peas young man, then,  maybe, you can have desert.
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                    Graphic by Kathy Roach 
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