When Love Sleeps
                         You can hear the soft breathing ever so rhythmic, gentle, and quiet.
                        Peaceful vibrations almost lost in the silence and the darkness
                        A pulsing sound of life's music played on its greatest instrument
                        No orchestra could ever play any greater harmonious melody
                        For the sound, small and delicate as it is, is so very powerful
                        To hear it, there beside you, wipes away the days tears and pain
                        Peace surrounds you in the comfort of the warmth on your cheek
                        So long in coming, the long nights alone, waiting to hear the sound
                        For some, the longer nights not alone, wishing there was no sound
                        But this time, the vibrations are more than sound, more than breath
                        This time the breathing is the whisper of the wind of the souls love
                        Delicate, peaceful, sensually wrapping itself around your own heart
                        Finally found, the breath of life, the breath of love to be yours alone
                        Laying there asleep, yet reaching out to you, touching ever so gently
                        Both the body and the soul, with all the peace you thought was gone
                        As the dreams once more again come, the heart sings its song of joy
                       And as long lost souls join again in love found, you breathe as but one
                       Hearts beat as only one, and on each a soft tear of love slowly forms
                       In the room there is no sound...... but that of loves breath.......
                        .......  and angels  wings.











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