HE WAITS                                                                                                    



                                                                          He waits..... He remembers not why 

                                             Only that he must wait here In this place where there is not time, not space 

                                            Waiting to be filled again, for the emptiness to be gone, the search ended 

                                               Endless cycles of light..............dark............light............dark............light 

                                                                     Waiting in silence for what seems eons, 

                                                Drained of all senses, of touch, of heat, of cold, of all but hope and of love 

                                                            For inside, deep inside, in places that should not even exist 

                                                                Deeper than the heart, deeper than his very essence 

                                                                       A coal that will not be extinguished burns

                                                                               It burns with an intensity unknown

                                         That no person, no thing, no circumstances can diminish by the smallest amount 

                                              Through all the pain, the darkness, the loneliness, the evil that surrounds him 

                                                                 Seeking to stop his light from reaching the world 

                                                                                      That last reserve remains  

                                                                            Unmovable, irrepressible, unquenchable

                                                                                  Now he slowly raises his head

                                                                            His eyes begin to release their darkness 

                                    Deep within them begins a fiery laughing glow as he senses the coming of the wind 

                                                                 The wind from the wings of angels finally coming again

                                                                       Slowly they surround him in great love and peace 

                                                           Their breath on the remaining spark he would never relinquish 

                                                                                     Brings it to a magnificent glow 

                                                                 A brilliance wherein no darkness can be No doubt, No pain

                                                                                 He smiles peacefully, mirthfully, knowingly 

                                                                                          Once again he goes foreword 

                                                                To give again of his heart, his light, his very soul to others

                                                                   So they may know also the strength of hope, of love 

                                                                And in the deepest depth of their darkness there is light

                                                              He knows he will come back to this place again, and again 

                                                                     As with unflagging purpose he gives his light away 

                                                                                     That slowly he will cease to be 

                                                                                              He smiles Fulfilled

                                                                                                     It is enough



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