A tear slowly falls 

  Carrying the sadness, miracles and mercies of life 

  A small piece of but an endless searching dreaming

  On the road of deep despair that takes forever to die

  A road with a lost beginning that has no ending 

  In those haunting dreams we are absolved of all things 

  But how was it now unremembered upon wakening 

  How long, how long, must pass in the infinite silence 

  Until our dreams write such things in wondrous love

 on the blank and empty pages of the heart again 

 When one dreams of dreams of dreams in dreams

Then where has all of our reality gone to hide 

Far too many have entered the depths of the storm 

Ever searching, but never again to find their way out 

That which we dream; can never be undreamed 

The memories of lives wine drips longingly from my heart 

Everything changes, but inside, inside nothing is lost

And remembering, the tears splash slowly down 

Cleansing the shadows that swallow and surround us 

And we go on, one step at a time.................again



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