Shimmering with an elusive, insubstantial silver mist

       She walks through the recesses of my mind

               A presence as soft as a rose petal on my heart

                      Gently drawing in my essence, cleansing it with her breath          

                            Removing the imperfections, leaving only deep peace and love

She looks out through my eyes and the world fades slowly away      

            Merging her very being into mine until we two become only one

                A togetherness so total, so complete, we have but one heart

                           No questions, no regrets, no today, no tomorrow, only now


  Time has stopped and we exist only between our heartbeats

         All barriers, all indecision gone, love beyond all feeling flows

               We become pure love, pure light, expanding ever outward              

                        Shinning with a brilliance, a warmth only known by the angels                 

               The clock ticks, the heart beats but once, our moment ends

                        Leaving me alone, drained, empty, but wrapped in gentle peace

               Waiting, waiting forever now, listening for her footsteps

                         Grasping for her presence, my heart now beats silently alone

                    I cry for my sorrow..............and.................I cry for my joy


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